Frequently Asked Questions

Online Courses

Are online courses more convenient?

Yes. All of our courses are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week , 365 days per year for a two year life span. You can select the courses you want and take them at a time convenient to you.

Can you start a Course and then come back to it?

No, we recommend once you have started the one hour course you continue through it (you may take a break, but do not sign off) so that you do not lose your place or be asked to restart the course from the beginning.

Do I have to register and log in?

Yes, all users of the educational system must register whether seeking continuing education credits, are a health professions student or taking non-accredited courses.

Are online courses accredited?

Most courses offered for "Professional" are accredited by various governing Boards or Organizations. Please check the course description carefully to see if your professional discipline is listed. for if you can accept the certificate offered by the accrediting body. All courses accredited are considered evidence based.

Where do I go to register for courses?

Go back to the Course Catalog and then select "Login" or simply select "Register Now for Courses" at the top of the page.