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Neurobiology of Tobacco Addiction

Abstract: This course, presented by Dr. David Drobes, will address the physical reasons for tobacco addiction. Many factors, both environmental and biological work in conjunction to explain why individuals continue to smoke. Smoking involves the intake of the drug nicotine into the brain. The effect of nicotine on the brain as well as specific brain regions and their connection with addiction will all be discussed.

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Speaker: David Drobes, PhD
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Dr. David Drobes is the Associate Director with the University of Florida Tobacco Research and Intervention Program at Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Drobes specializes in addictive behaviors with a focus on tobacco and alcohol. Recent work has focused on cue-elicited craving among smokers and alcoholics, and attempts to manipulate cue reactivity using brief interventions. Other current topics include behavioral genetic markers of tobacco addiction, effects of nicotine on attentional cognitive processing, comorbidity between addiction and psychopathology, and the relationship between alcohol-related expectancies and cue reactivity.

Disclosures: Dr. Drobes has no relevant financial relationships to disclose